Chris Kaiser

Chris is an enthusiastic traveler and tourism professional with 12+ years experience. Besides visiting dozens of countries he has lived and worked on five continents to date, mostly with focus on tourism marketing, sales and sustainability. Since 2012 he works for an ethical elephant park in Thailand. The close contact with elephants made him fall in love with these gentle giants, and also made him aware of their biggest thread: Loss of habitat due to deforestation. That's what led him to found B'n'Tree in September 2018. The concept is as simple as it is genius: For every booking originating on, one tree is being planted - at no cost to the user. Trees are paid for by the marketing budget of partner platforms such as Booking, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, Expedia or HRS. These companies would usually invest their marketing budget into Google Ads or TV ads - now they invest it into planting trees. Users invest one single mouse click to plant a real tree. Sustainability won't get any simpler than this. Take a look at today. Then meet Chris in person at Digital Talents Vol. 2.